Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nip And Tuck

I Dont Get People who Arnt happy with who they are...? Theres No Reason Why You Shouldnt Be!
Nobodys Perfect...
I Dont Get Why Young Wemon Go out And Get a Spray Tan, There Hair Dyed, Or Anything Similar to that. Theres just No Reason for it... I Have Learned With being in Dance, and Theator.. that there are Some Judges That like Full on Makup, Some that like Skimpy Clothes, And some that Just Look at the Tequnique. 
I Have Been in that Position Before Many Times.. Not Looking the Best and Not getting through.. or Just Simply Them not wanting me... But you Got to Keep Trying, And Every once in awile God will put that Extra Audition or Scout there.. and they'll be watching you the whole time... 
Always Look The Way you wanna look... Never Try to Stoop up to others Levels.. Remember you are your own level.... 
Its Hard living in the World... Especially being a teenager... Its Always a Competition. 

Just Like Bruno Mars's Song... 
Just The Way you are... Every Girl, Woman, Elderly Woman, Should Live by that song! 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well This Year Im a Sophmore.... They Say Freshman year is harder.... Not for Me! Its Not My Teacher, or My Inviorment... It My Algebra 2..... Its easy once you Understand it... But Understanding it is the problem.... Me and My mom set in the schoolroom for over an hour trying to figure it out.. normally she figures it out... but its trying to get it wraped around my head thats the issue. Everything else in school i enjoy... But that! If you have any Websites, Answeres, Or Anything... Comment them PLEASE! 
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Taylor swift!

Taylor swift Is Coming Out with a New Album!! Im So Excited! October 11 i think?!?! Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Listen to the Lyrics

Do you Ever think What a certain song means to the Person Standing beside you? Or What it means to you yourself? Some people don't take the time to Listen to what Lyrics really mean or what they really say.
You Could Always ask.... What does that mean to the Singer?
Every Lyric is Put there for a Reason... I Think God Puts songs into our lives to tell us what he really means.
Some People have Artist that relate to them... Like for Instance... Taylor Swift Writes songs about my life.
I'm Saying this to tell the people who are Reading this..... Listen to the Lyrics.. and you might Find your Song. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Under the Soil

When we look outside we See: Grass, Trees, Flowers, Streams, People Etc....... But What we Never Notice is whats inside of those things..... you never think when you Step on the damp grass after it has rained, there is a Worm down inside of there Striving to get Water... Or when you trip over a Root from a Tree, there are little tiny root down under the ground trying to grow..... or for Instance: When someone Runs into you at a Park.... you Didn't know that they where trying to save there child from running into the road.....  
So why i am writing all of this, is to tell you..... Be Aware of your Surroundings, And try to look Under the Soil.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Me, Myself, And I

Hey! My Name is Maggie Miller! I am The Daughter of Brian, and Gayla Miller. I Have Two Brothers: Matthew (17), And Gavin (11). I am A Dancer.... I have been dancing sence I was 4. Right now I am At a Studio up in Overland Park.... And thanks to my Gracious mom and dad, I am Able to go because they drive me there. I Love to Write, wich is Why I am making This blog! I Also love to Read wich is Totally Different story!
This Is going to be Short because I am getting ready to go to Dance.... But I Thought I Would tell you a Little bit about myself! 
Have a Great day!